Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Plants on the wall by EDEN BATKI

It's Spring!
Revive the plant life in your home...
Hang a plant on your wall.

Artist Eden Batki has made a whole community of hand built ceramic wall planters, in different shapes, with a range of glazes and each planted with a unique succulent.  Hung singularly or as a grouping, they can be the perfect touch to an empty wall.
And to note, succulents (for all those without a green thumb,) are very resilient and sturdy, so they can survive a little neglect.  Mostly they just need the standard plant TLC-- a little water and some sunlight. 

$55 for med/large size
$45 for small size

Call: 323.719.1079 
Visit in person: 1298 w. sunset blvd, los angeles, ca 90026

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


WAKA WAKA stuff featured on the YOUhaveBEENhereSOMETIME blog--a blog full of VERY inspiring thoughts and images, for those of you who are unfamiliar.

Pictured above are handmade knitting needles, sizes 35, 17, 11 (oak and hardwood, $55/each).

A little about WAKA WAKA...
WAKA WAKA is a project focusing on furniture and utilitarian objects designed and handmade by Shin Okuda.  
“I waka waka waka – I go many places," which is from the song Coffin for Head of State by Nigerian musician FELA KUTI.

Here are some more things created especially for IKO IKO by WAKA WAKA. 

Cheese Slice Table, birch, contact for pricing (

Triangle herb/flower planters, red balau wood, $88 + free Kitazawa see packet of your choice

Mini desk, birch, $500


Leaning bedside bookshelf, birch, $178 (standard width), $185 (wide width)

For more info:  323.719.1079 /

Saturday, March 20, 2010

That Thing Called Street Closures and the L.A. Marathon

IKO IKO is on the L.A. Marathon map....
so we'll be closed on Sunday, March 21.


But, business hours to resume as normal thereafter:  
Tuesday - Saturday 1-7 pm
Sunday 1-5 pm

Gearing up to unveil some new pieces for the next installation, so stay tuned!
AND, come try on the botines by Beatrice Valenzuela.  They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Do you own a pair of handmade shoes? 

Here's your chance.  

IKO IKO is proud to offer handmade moccasins by Beatrice Valenzuela in a limited run.  Crafted in Mexico using leather and recycled rubber soles, each pair is unique down to the stitched lacing detailing.
Whole sizing 6-10 (10 will also fit the men)

Come by and try on a pair.
You won't want to take them off.  

For further inquiries: / 323.719.1079

Monday, March 1, 2010

PUPPETS, VIDEO & SOUND at IKO IKO saturday, march 6, 7:30 pm




performing an evening of experiments in puppetry, video projection, and live sound that contemplate the notion of self-improvement .

Three situations are presented to the distinguished audience:
1. A multi-story apartment building changes into a mountain over a
surprisingly short period of time.

2. A bear attempts to study architecture, and is arrested For Fashion Faux Pas (4 paws).
3. A short course in learning to appreciate monumental sculpture.

SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 7:30 pm
(please be timely as the show will begin at 7:30 sharp!)

Yelena Zhelezov is a Belarusian-Israeli artist  based in Los Angeles. Yelena’s work is highly interdisciplinary, and as such takes form of installation, objects, texts, film, and puppetry performance. Yelena’s materials are evidentiary of the world, often sourced in science, art history, and her yard.  She uses strategies of research, classification and the archive in her practice.  She is currently an MFA candidate at CalArts.


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