Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Organize your stuff...

WAKA WAKA record box:

For all those who want a handsome solution for record storage OR for those who want some modular shelving for things other than records.  

+ Handmade maple plywood boxes
+ Small
+ Large
+ Stackable
+ Mobile (cut out handles for easy transport)

Large size:  14 1/2 H  x 14 1/2 W x  13 1/2 D

Small size:  14 1/2 H x 8 1/2 W x 13 1/2 D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(and PICKLE)!!

sunday, june 27, 4-6 pm

Join us for an afternoon of new recipes and old favorites by artist JEN SMITH. 
Lots of new stock available.  

strawberry jam, ginger peach jam, lavender plum preserves, spicy okra

dilly beans, dill spears, cactus, some krauts, harissa, bread and butter pickles and some surprises!
 a few other new IKO IKO treats:
+ modular wood record boxes by WAKA WAKA
+ new summer looks by ROWENA SARTIN
+ some paper mache fruit

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's summer...

Time for the beach, for bbq's and for lots of fun.

Vintage straw bag to hold it all- $65

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

READ all about it...

Latest issue of DOSSIER available now!
Interview with Anne Collier, some beautiful photos by David Armstrong, work by Sam Falls and much more...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Pickled!

Do you like to eat? (or do you need a last minute hostess gift?)
Try some of these canned treats by artist JEN SMITH.  
Re-interpreting a tradition of her grandmother's, she expertly blends vernacular spices with seasonal fruits and vegetables, (many from the trees around us) in perfect harmony.  

Here's what's on the menu:

loquat chutney (top off a grilled meat)
bread & butter pickles (put it on a sandwich)
dill spears (no brainer)
pickled cactus (along side a soft cheese)
curried cauliflower (exotic!)
pickled golden beets (don't need a thing)
loquat compote (on some ice cream)
lady marmalade with meyer's lemons (on your toast for breakfast)

Large jars- $10
Small jars- $7

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Listen to this...

A very music friendly friend named BROOKS RICE is a very heavy record collector and shares some of his taste with IKO IKO every month.

Here are some pieces from his current box...some you will know and some will be curiosity finds with a cover so amazing you need to own it. 

All are $6 / each!!!! 

+ on the way from WAKA WAKA are stackable wood record holders/shelves/boxes.  


Some incredible works by CAROL NEVITT.  
Formally trained as a figurative and abstract sculptor (doing bronze castings from wax, plaster, resin or clay forms), she tried her hand at ceramics some years ago and produced some amazing results.  Here are a few of her functional and non-functional pieces.   

Vessel #1-  $225
Vessel #2-  $205   

Raku ware (a Japanese pottery style used for traditional tea ceremony.  The firing temperature and short glazing process make for the unpredictable and cracked surface treatment.) 

The Circle Jar$225 
Unglazed stoneware (Black Mountain clay, to be exact).  Put some cookies in here...the interior is glazed.

LURKing within...

Hand blended perfume oils by NY based LURK.
Jojoba oil base (from the jojoba plant), all natural, NO SYNTHETICS!  
All with a very light and fresh essence.

PJR V1- jasmine, rose, petit grain
TBP V1- light florals with black pepper
AS 01- cedarwood, tuberose, sweet rose
BS 003- dry woods, citrus, sweet bergamot
RSW 005- sandalwood with earthy rose and citrus
1/8 oz-  $55 
sample packs- $18 

new CASA BRUTUS issue

Utsuwa, my life!
(~ utsuwa means dishes) 
This issue is all about ceramics and how it's part of Japanese life: introducing contemporary ceramic artists in Japan, the "best 50" ceramic designs for last 100 years,  a view of Takashi Murakami's extensive personal collection of ceramics, traditional craft studio practices, and a where to eat beautiful food on beautiful ceramics in Japan.  


a feature on L.A.'s brilliant design studio COMMUNE.  See some of their projects, their work space and what they are sharing with the world.



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