Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few new arrivals

Some new KELLY BRESLIN sculptures have just arrived.  
The perfect palette and scale--half moon pieces in small and tall and a mini basket vessel, too. 


A new grouping of earrings by HANNAH KEEFE are here.
Long and longer and with her signature chain and solder textures and in lots of new shapes.  
Come see!

We'll be right back...

We are off to JAPAN for a bit, and will return with lots of good stuff!  LOTS!
In the meantime, stop in an say hello to our stand in shop keepers and check out some of the new additions to the arrangement.

We'll have some travel pictures to keep you informed.


Friday, August 6, 2010


From the IKO WAKA IKO WAKA workshop...

Our love for the Memphis-Milano Movement will never die.
Here are some wooden zig zags...for the floor, for the wall, for your desk, for fun?
You can hang your jacket or a bag on the coat rack version.  
And, in the works is a zig zag wine rack.  Just wait and see.


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