Thursday, May 27, 2010


A drawstring dream.
Just the right size to fit all of your personal effects.  
Vintage fabric.


Kelly Breslin CERAMICS

Some beautiful small works by KELLY BRESLIN. 
You will want to start your own collection...

Flat double rock sculptures-  $55
Basket vessel- $90
Dotted pocket vessels- $75
Mini pocket vessel- $45


Trio of hanging wall slabs- $70 / each

This will be your favorite sandal

Tejido sandals by BEATRICE VALENZUELA 

Handmade in Mexico City with the softest of leather and recycled tire soles.  
Just as comfortable as her moccasin style...which we still have in stock, too.

Come try them out! 

(whole sizes 6-10) 

Need more details?  323.719.1079 /

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The start of our magazine stand...



On the way...
Acne Paper
Ein magazin uber orte

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty hands, pretty sounds


NAIL ART by artist Sebastian Boher
MUSIC by composer/musician David Semien

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 6-8 pm

For $3/nail you can walk away with some fine looking hands and a unique music experience.  We also have some great new treasures to share...

big dot tenugui, paper prints and t-shirts,
mini weaving looms,
wool curly locks in new colors,
polka dot button downs,
summer scarves,
ceramic beads for necklace making,
vintage fiber books,
wood stools,

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Some of our favorite things...

Babe! - hanging neon sculpture by Natascha Snellman, $600
Chainlink- hand cut zebra wood chainlink sculpture by Natascha Snellman, $400


the start of our hand painted t-shirt series by artists..

The beginning run by Secret Ceremony
(hand dyed and painted, based on a painting process of Francis Bacon)

blue on light ground I
landscape at night
blue on light ground II
$50 + an accompanying mix cd

IKO WAKA IKO WAKA big dot T-SHIRTS just printed

BIG DOTS have made it to the t-shirts.  
Printed front and back on American Apparel organic cotton softie t-shirts. 



Friday, May 14, 2010

Step Up and Sit Down on a WAKA WAKA

Back from our Royal/T installation, we have a very special grouping of stools and benches by WAKA WAKA...pieces you can sit on, but also pieces that are just beautiful to look at.  

The totem stools and benches are all reclaimed wood and the jointed stools and the step stool are all oak.  Come by and try them out.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

An idea for your mom...

Don't forget to tell your mom how great she is this Sunday.

Need some "I'm thinking about you" gifts?

Fresh off the sewing machine by Rowena Sartin:
textured dot cotton scarf- $49
square universe crinkled silk scarf- $49 



1. Relax in the tub: 
silk and wool sponges from Greece$5 silk, $10 wool
pumice stone from Japan- $5
deitanseki (charcoal & clay facial soap from Japan)- $4
2. A real treat:
necklace #2, chain and solder by Hannah Keefe- $575

3. An easy piece:
scarf pocket jacket, crushed linen by Rowena Sartin- $225

4. For the tea drinker:
Specialty loose green teas from Japan- $28

IKO WAKA IKO WAKA big deal polka dots

We are making a big deal about dots.  

We just finished some original hand-drawn polka dot prints on paper and for tenugui (the Japanese multi-purpose cloth).  It was an IKO WAKA IKO WAKA collaboration with graphic designer Stuart Smith and silk screened by artist Sebastian Boher. 

Here's what we have now...
Hand silk screened on off white Bhutan paper- edition of 5, $40
Hand silk screened on off white Voice Text paper- edition of 10, $38
Hand silk screened on pale orange Crescent paper- edition of 10, $38


Don't know what it is?  
Tenugui is a traditional Japanese hand towel that can be a hand towel OR it can also serve as a napkin, a headband, a souvenir, a decoration.  They get better over time and with many washes.  Here's our first series.

Available as all over dot or as negative to positive 
colors: red, black, blue and copper  
100% cotton in white or natural
$22 / each

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Read it now! A new Casa Brutus is here!

Come check out our recent Casa Brutus issue--experience NY through the eye of Casa Brutus with features on creative interiors, architecture favorites, highlights on unique eateries (a coffee guide and where to get the best lobster sandwich???), shops and more.

We still have some great back issues as well.  We highly recommend the storage issue, which has some very clever solutions for a variety of geographies; traditions of the tea ceremony;  the 100 best product and architecture designs of 2009; best of residential architecture projects...



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