Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More reading material...

Here and There archive issues #7, #6 
(Unexpected Traveling and Paris-Tokyo with such contributors as Mark Borthwick, Susan Cianciolo, Cosmic Wonder and more)

Vintage '80s/'90s OLIVE, POPEYE, SO-EN magazines from Japan 
(countless fashion and product spreads to give your look a new angle...)

Ein Magazin Uber Orte, issue #7: a magazine about place.  
This time it's about the SEA.  Has some very thoughtful photographs of water.


Casa Brutus special edition on architectureNot to miss!

Casa Brutus on Tadao Ando's architecture which is pretty impressive.  In Japan we were lucky to make it to the Chichu Art Museum on Naoshima island.  "Chichu" means "within the earth" and appropriately describes the feeling you have in his structures there--a harmonious relationship to light and sky.  Great issue of his work and next Casa Brutus featuring Sanaa is on the way!

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